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Counselor's Corner

What services do school counselors provide?

  • The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Model is a comprehensive model of services, designed to meet the needs of all students. As the counselor for Fruitvale
  • Elementary, I will strive to align with these best practices:
  • Classroom guidance lessons that focus on behaviors like how to listen and focus, empathy, how to identify and handle strong emotions, problem solving, keeping yourself safe, and planning for the future.
  • Short-term small group instruction for students who need extra practice or targeted support. I will send home communication if your student is identified as benefiting from a small group
  • Check-ins with student, per their parents or teachers request. These check-ins can help when students are having a rough day or need help from a trusted adult to solve a problem.
  • Helping families get connected to community resources through Grand Valley Connects.
  • Collaboration and consultation with admin, teachers, other staff, and families to support students in achieving their full potential.
  • When I work with students, what is said is confidential in nature, UNLESS someone is hurting a student, the student wants to hurt someone else, or the student is thinking about or hurting themselves.

    About me:

          I have proudly served as the school counselor for Fruitvale since August 2023, and prior

to that, I worked with the Fruitvale community as the REC program manager from

January 2019-July 2023. I graduated from Colorado Mesa University with a B.A. in

Counseling Psychology in May of 2018 and from Adams State University in May 2024

with a Master's in School Counseling. I myself was a Fruitvale Panther when I was a

student, and grew up just down the road from here

 Alex Marisol Herrera
 585 30 Road Grand Junction, CO 81504
 Phone: 970-254-5930 ext. 48104


Mission Statement:
        Through a data-driven and collaborative comprehensive school counseling program that
emphasizes academic, career, and social/emotional development, every Fruitvale Panther
will learn to take pride in their unique assets and are eager to grow in their challenge

Coming Soon:

  • Updated Vision statement to align with school’s
  • Link to counseling referral for parents, school staff, and students.